Day One: Plenary Session—Monday, March 10, 2008

Day One events schedule
8:40am - 8:45am FAA Welcome – Dan Elwell, Assistant Administrator for Aviation Policy, Planning, and Environment, FAA
8:45am - 9:00am Opening Remarks – Robert A. Sturgell, Acting Administrator, FAA — Video
9:00am - 9:30am

FAA Aviation Forecasts (PDF) – Nan Shellabarger, Director, Aviation Policy and Plans, FAA — Video

9:30am - 10:45am

Panel 1 "Congestion in the Present & Future Aviation System—A Panel Discussion"


  • D.J. Gribbin, General Counsel, U. S. Department of Transportation
  • Charles Barclay, President, American Association of Airport Executives


  • Julie Oettinger, Director, Regulatory Affairs, United Airlines
  • Edward Faberman, Executive Director, Air Carrier Association of America
  • Steve Brown, Senior Vice President, Operations and Administration, National Business Aviation Association
  • Tom Kinton, Executive Director, Massachusetts Port Authority
  • Allan McArtor, Chairman, Airbus Americas
  • Dorothy Robyn , Principal, The Brattle Group
10:45am - 11:00am


11:00am - 12:00 Noon

Panel 2 "Environmental Challenges for Aviation—A Panel Discussion"


  • Steve Alterman, President, Cargo Airlines Association


  • Dan Elwell, Assistant Administrator for Aviation Policy, Planning, and Environment, FAA
  • Nancy Young, Vice President, Environmental Affairs, Air Transport Association
  • Cheryl Russell, Director, Federal Affairs/Environmental Policy, Boeing Company
  • Vern Raburn, CEO & President, Eclipse Aviation
  • Mark Reis, Manager Director, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
  • Arlene Mulder, Mayor, Arlington Heights, IL and Chairperson, O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission
12:00 Noon - 12:15pm
  • Mary E. Peters, Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation — Video
12:15pm - 1:45pm

Keynote Luncheon Address – Richard Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Delta Air Lines, Inc. — Video

2:00pm - 3:15pm

Panel 3 "Financial Challenges"


  • Roger Schaufele, Manager, Forecast & Statistics Branch, Aviation Policy and Plans, Federal Aviation Administration


  • Nariman Behravesh, Chief Economist, Global Insight — Presentation (PDF)
  • William Greene, Analyst, Morgan Stanley — Presentation (PDF)
  • George Metcalf, Director of Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes — Presentation (PDF)
  • Chuck Evans, Director of Airline Industry Analysis and Strategy, Bombardier — Presentation (PDF)
3:15pm - 3:30pm


3:30pm - 4:45pm

Panel 4 "Market Opportunities"


  • James H. Burnley IV, Partner, Venable LLP, former U.S. Secretary of Transportation


  • John Heimlich, Vice President & Chief Economist, Air Transport Association — Presentation (PDF)
  • Phil Trenary, President & Chief Executive Officer, Pinnacle Airlines — Presentation (PDF)
  • Tom Zoeller, President, National Air Carrier Association — Presentation (PDF)
  • Jens Hennig, Vice President, Operations, General Aviation Manufacturers Association — Presentation (PDF)

Day Two: Breakout Sessions—Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day Two event schedule
Domestic/International Markets
8:00am - 10:00am

Moderator: Roger Schaufele, Office of Aviation Policy and Plans, FAA

  • Eric Amel, Managing Economist, LECG, LLC — Presentation (PDF)
  • Gabor Kovacs, Vice President, Business Consulting, Morten Beyer & Agnew — Presentation (PDF)
  • Gary Harig, President, GMH Consulting, LLC — Presentation (PDF)
10:30am - Noon

Moderator: Cheryl Miner, Office of Aviation Policy and Plans, FAA

  • Dr. Dipasis Bhadra, Principal, MITRE/CAASD — Presentation (PDF)
  • Joel Antolini, Senior Vice President, Seabury Airline Planning Group, LLC — Presentation (PDF)
  • Kevin Neels, Principal, The Brattle Group — Presentation (PDF)
  • Laurent Rouaud, Sr. Director Strategic Planning and Analysis, Airbus Americas
8:00am - 10:00am

Multiple Airport Demand Allocation and Intermodal Issues

Moderator: Peter LeBoff, Office of Aviation Policy and Plans, FAA

  • Geoffrey Gosling, Principal, Aviation System Consulting, LLC. — Presentation (PDF)
  • Michael Armstrong, Aviation Program Manager, Southern California Association of Governments — Presentation (PDF)
  • Patrick Kennon, Manager, Aviation Economics, HNTB Corporation — Presentation (PDF)
  • Matthew Lee, Vice President, Landrum & Brown — Presentation (PDF)
10:30am - Noon

Growth of Secondary Airports

Moderator: Fahad Ahmad, Office of Aviation Policy and Plans, FAA

  • David Hollander, Vice President, SH&E, an ICF International Company — Presentation (PDF)
  • Flavio Leo, Manager of Aviation Planning, Massachusetts Port Authority/Aviation Department — Presentation (PDF)
  • Barry Bateman, Airport Director, General Mitchell International Airport — Presentation (PDF)
  • Robert Ashcroft, Vice President, Planning, Allegiant Air
General Aviation & Pilot Supply
8:00am - 10:00am

Moderator: Jens Hennig, Vice President, Operations, GAMA

  • Malcom Murphy, Manager, Government & Community Affairs, DayJet — Presentation (PDF)
  • Faye Morrison, Assistant Director, Physical Infrastructure Team, Government Accountability Office (GAO) — Presentation (PDF)
  • Matt Brown, Director, Brand Management, Eclipse Aviation — Presentation (PDF)
  • Steve Lee, President, Signature Flight Support
10:30am - Noon

Moderator: Peter J. Wolfe, Executive Director, Professional Aviation Board of Certification (PABC) — Presentation (PDF)

  • Kit Darby, President, AIR, Inc — Presentation (PDF)
  • Captain Paul Rice, First Vice President, Air Line Pilots Association, International — Presentation (PDF)
  • Ron Levy, University Aviation Association — Presentation (PDF)
  • John Dixon, Director of Pilot Recruitment, American Eagle
Unmanned Aircraft Systems
8:00am - 10:00am

Moderator: Doug Davis, Manager, Unmanned Aircraft Program, FAA

  • Robin Dooley, Deputy Director, National Security Missions, CBP Air & Marine
  • Dyke Weatherington, Deputy Director, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Task Force, Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • Michael K. O'Shea, Law Enforcement Program Manager, US Department of Justice/Office of Justice Programs — Presentation (PDF)
10:30am - Noon

Moderator: Doug Davis, Manager, Unmanned Aircraft Program, FAA

  • Robert Cabanya, CEO, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Inc. — Presentation (PDF)
  • Ted Wierzbanowski, Avinc — Presentation (PDF)
  • Rachel Jackson, Lockheed Martin — Presentation (PDF)