Safety Management System Scalability Conference for Domestic Part 145 Repair Stations
April 26 & 27, 2011
Campus of Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, Missouri
Register online or contact:
Shelly Reichert,
Saint Louis University
(314) 977-8725
Admission is Free


The FAA is currently developing proposed regulation that will extend to all 14 CFR part 121 operators to implement a Safety Management System (SMS). Although this proposal extends only to part 121 operators, the FAA has developed these general requirements with the possibility that in the future, they could be applied to other FAA-regulated entities, such as part 135 operators and part 145 repair stations. The broad application of this regulation to organizations with varying capabilities and size has many in the industry concerned with how to meet the regulatory requirement across a broad scale of service providers. SMS Scalability is about developing compliance metrics such that service providers with a single owner/operator as well as those with over a thousand employees can meet the regulatory requirements.

About the Conference

To address this scalability issue with Part 145 repair stations, the Center for Aviation Safety Research at Parks College, Saint Louis University will be hosting a Safety Management System Scalability Conference on April 26 & 27, 2011. This conference will bring together a representative population of domestic Part 145 repair station operators and FAA representatives with the purpose of discussing scalable solutions to SMS regulation.


The conference will be limited to approximately 400 participants of varying sizes and capabilities. Since we can accommodate only 400 participants and we are trying to assemble a representative sample of various types and sizes of repair stations, we will need to be selective in the final invitation.

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