For Immediate Release

February 10, 2011
Contact: Holly Baker
Phone: 609-485-6253

New Software Tool to Optimize Available Airport Pavement Information

The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Airport Technology Research and Development Team, based at the William J. Hughes Technical Center, has released its newest software program, FAA PAVEAIR.

Airport managers, engineers, consultants and technicians can use FAA PAVEAIR to assess the condition of airport pavements, and make informed decisions to best allocate funds for pavement repair and maintenance. Use of this software is not required to obtain Airport Improvement Project funding assistance. 

FAA PAVEAIR is a web-based airport pavement management system that provides users with historic current information about airport pavement construction, maintenance and management. The program offers users a planning tool capable of modeling airport pavement surface degradation due to external effects such as traffic and the environment.  The program can be used with other FAA pavement applications, such as BAKFAA and COMFAA, to give users input to determine repair scheduling and strategies. It has been developed for installation and use on a stand-alone personal computer, a private network, an intranet and the internet. An implementation of the internet version of FAA PAVEAIR will be hosted and supported on a server at the William J. Hughes Technical Center, near Atlantic City, N.J., and will be accessible from the FAA PAVEAIR website.

FAA PAVEAIR will be posted for download as a beta version for about one year in the initial release. Airport technology research and development specialists will hold workshops and user group meetings to assess the software utility, during this time.

FAA PAVEAIR was developed at the request of the National Association of State Aviation Officials and is not intended to replace any existing airport pavement management systems.