For Immediate Release

Release No. ASW 02-02
January 28, 2002
Contact: John Clabes, Roland Herwig
Phone: (405) 954-7500

FORT WORTH — The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed to assess a $900,000 civil penalty against American Eagle Airlines for allegedly violating Department of Transportation hazardous materials regulations.

FAA alleges that on one occasion in 2000, American Eagle Airlines improperly offered for transportation by air an oxygen generator. American Eagle accepted the shipment and transported it as cargo aboard a passenger flight. Oxygen generators are forbidden as cargo on board passenger aircraft. In addition, FAA alleges that on seven other occasions in 2000, American Eagle improperly offered oxygen generators to Federal Express for transportation by air.

In each instance, FAA alleged American Eagle offered the hazardous materials for transportation when they were not packaged, marked, classed, described, documented, or in condition for shipment as required by regulations. American Eagle also failed to ensure employees were trained to properly package and handle hazardous materials, and did not make available at all times the required emergency response information.

American Eagle has 30 days from the receipt of the civil penalty notice to respond to the FAA allegations. This news release is being made in accordance with a policy of publicizing civil penalties in excess of $50,000.