For Immediate Release

Release No. AWP-5 07-01
June 21, 2001
Contact: Jerry Snyder
Phone: (310) 725-3580

The Federal Aviation Administration recently named the Las Vegas Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) the Air Traffic Control Facility of the Year in the level 10 division. In the world of air traffic control there is little room for error. Quick thinking and nerves of steel are the trademarks of good controllers. What does it take to be the best of the best, and what is it that sets apart one finely honed team from another?

The FAA looked at ten areas when deciding which facilities would receive national recognition as the best facilities of 2000. Las Vegas TRACON received high praise for its operational excellence, employee development, external relations, human relations, employee morale and customer service.

Las Vegas airspace use has jumped from being 15th busiest in the nation to 8th in recent years. Much of the volume is due to the area's large fleet of helicopters and fixed wing tour aircraft that carry thousands of visitors to sights in Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon each year. The facility assembled the Las Vegas Users Workgroup which implemented two published visual flight rules (VFR) flyways to assist pilots in navigating safely through its complex airspace.

The facility developed an aggressive pilot-education seminar schedule resulting in an 85 percent reduction in pilot deviations or errors. To help ensure safe operations, management has proactively initiated simulator training for air traffic controllers. Now, management and controllers have formed traffic management teams to expedite the flow of traffic locally

The FAA congratulates the Las Vegas TRACON for winning the prestigious Air Traffic Control Facility of the Year Award, and thanks all Las Vegas TRACON employees for their outstanding performance.