For Immediate Release

Release No. AWP-5 12-02
November 17, 2001
Contact: Jerry Snyder
Phone: (310) 725-3580

The Federal Aviation Administration today issued its findings for an aeronautical study of a proposed multipurpose sports stadium in Tempe, Arizona, and has determined that the proposed construction would be a hazard to air navigation. After a five-month long study, it was determined that the stadium would have a substantial adverse effect on the safe and efficient use of navigable airspace by aircraft arriving or departing Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. The proposed stadium site is located approximately two miles east of the airport.

In conducting an aeronautical study, the FAA evaluates a proposal for its impact upon our nation’s airspace. The FAA found that the stadium would exceed the obstruction standards of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 77, and would interfere with established procedures used by some airline pilots when responding to a failed aircraft engine while taking off from the airport. It was further determined that the potential exists for the degradation of airport capacity and efficiency by creating a situation where pilots may refuse to use one of the three airport runways for departure.

The study was open for public comments from August 31 through October 22, 2001. Public comments were addressed within the scope of the study. Additionally, extraordinary measures were taken to include an independent site survey on current structures and the development of a flight simulation model through the FAA’s Technical Center in New Jersey.

A review of the FAA’s decision could be granted if petitioners file a request to the FAA Headquarters in Washington, DC. within 30 days of the date of issue. The full text of the FAA’s Determination of Hazard to Air Navigation, dated November 17, 2001, is available on the internet at