For Immediate Release

May 6, 2003
Contact: Tony Molinaro
Phone: (847) 294-7427

CHICAGO — The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has developed and launched an Internet site to provide the public with complete information about its evaluation of the proposed O’Hare Modernization Program. The Internet site,, contains current information and documents about the FAA’s environmental analysis of the project.

The information offered on the new Internet site includes:

  • The FAA’s draft Purpose and Need statement for the project;
  • A list of environmental impact categories the FAA will evaluate;
  • A summary of public scoping comments organized by environmental category;
  • Documents distributed by the FAA at its March 19 public outreach session.

The FAA is developing a draft Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed O’Hare project. This will include a final Purpose and Need statement, and a complete and comprehensive list of project alternatives to be analyzed. The FAA also will develop a technical comment report focused on the O’Hare project’s airport layout plan.

The FAA will update the information and documents available on the new Internet site as its environmental analysis progresses and as various project milestones are met.