For Immediate Release

November 19, 2007
Contact: Paul Takemoto
Phone: (202) 267-3883

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Travelers can find airport delay information for their departure and destination airports this holiday season by visiting a special Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website.

“We want to help provide consumers with a better travel experience by enabling them to know what to expect before they get to the airport,” said Hank Krakowski, chief operating officer for the agency’s Air Traffic Organization.

The website,, allows travelers to check whether they can expect to encounter delays at specific airports. General information – if operations are running smoothly or if there are delays – can be obtained simply by moving a mouse cursor over one of the airports featured on a map of the United States. More detailed information, including current average delay times and the reason for the delay, can be obtained by clicking on the airport.

Travelers equipped with pagers, cell phones or personal digital assistants such as BlackBerry devices can obtain delay information from the FAA via e-mail. Users can register for the free "Aviation Information System," at the site.

The FAA also advises travelers to check on their actual flight’s status with the airlines, Krakowski said.

Created with the traveling public in mind, has received numerous awards, including the Center of Excellence for Information Technology (CEIT) award.