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A General Aviation Pilot’s Guide to Airframe IcingNovember 16 — With the winter flying season already enveloping many parts of the northern United States, pilots need to know how to identify and avoid flying in icing conditions. Ice can form on lift surfaces quickly, often in just a few minutes — the time it takes to climb or descend a few thousand feet through a cloud layer. The effects are cumulative, and it doesn’t take much to severely reduce performance. A thorough understanding of the weather factors that can lead to icing conditions is critical to safe winter operations. See “Ice Belongs in Drinks” on page 9 in the November/December 2009 issue of FAA Aviation News.

Other articles in this issue address the differing vulnerability to ice of different airplanes; the havoc ice can play with lift, weight, and drag; safety on icy or slushy runways; and the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning during winter.

To read the issue, and to see previous issues for more safety information, go to: