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FAA Recognized for Expediting Funds for AirportsAugust 11 — The FAA recently received an award for its efficiency in distributing $1.1 billion in funds from the American Recovery and Investment Act (ARRA) for airport development projects which include runway and taxiway improvements and rehabilitation of terminal buildings.

The Airport Consultants Council, an international trade association that represents consulting firms and related businesses, awarded the agency with its best practices award. This award is given to individuals or groups who demonstrate their commitment to keeping projects on track and are devoted to improving the aviation industry.

The FAA exceeded deadlines set by Congress to administer and obligate half of the $1.1 billion or $550 million in airport grants within the initial 120-day timeframe, and the remainder by last February.

Over one billion dollars in Recovery Act funds are responsible for 362 projects at 335 airport locations around the country. The FAA's ARRA grant program focused heavily on the nation's airport infrastructure. Of the 362 projects funded, 288 of them were for runway, taxiway and apron construction projects totaling $889 million and supporting jobs at 265 airport locations across the nation.