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FAA Promotes Aviation EducationOn September 14, Acting FAA Administrator Michael Huerta renewed two important partnerships to encourage young people to pursue a career in aerospace.

“Our partnerships with FAA aviation and space education ambassador Jamail Larkins and the national Build-A-Plane program inspire students across the nation to explore the many opportunities that aviation and aerospace careers offer,” said Huerta.

Jamail Larkins will continue to serve as the FAA’s official ambassador for aviation and space education under the STEM-AVSED (Science, Engineering, and Mathematics-Aviation and Space Education) program. Larkins is one of the country’s youngest aviation entrepreneurs and President of Ascension Air, a Cirrus fractional partnership program. He addresses up to 20,000 students about aerospace careers each year through public schools and youth groups. The STEM-AVSED program coordinates presentations with Larkins for agency outreach events, such as Aviation Career Education Academies, airport career expos and school visits.

The agency also renewed a partnership with Build-A-Plane, a national program that allows students to construct real airplanes. Build-A-Plane Executive Director Katrina Bradshaw signed the renewal with Acting Administrator Huerta. Build-A-Plane started in 2003 as a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting aerospace and aviation careers by allowing students across the United States to work on the construction and restoration of airplanes.