The map shows the locations across the country without ILS that now have NextGen LPV Minima. The map shows the locations across the country with ILS that now have NextGen LPV Minima. The map shows the locations across the country with NextGen LPV Minima.

Blue dot map legend icon Airports without ILS that now have NextGen LPV Minima

Green dot map legend icon Airports with ILS that now have LPV Minima

The FAA has invested millions of dollars to allow pilots new and better access to more than 1,500 airports. We've upgraded the infrastructure at airports that already have ILS procedures in place. And we have installed new infrastructure at airports that had no instrument access at all. Now, we need you to upgrade to satellite systems so we can ensure the continued safety of our National Airspace.

3,424 New Procedures

1,686 Airports Accessed

An iPad with the NextGen logo on it.

See a simulated LPV approach at your local airport and witness actual approaches for more than 1600 airports across the country.

Snoopy is flying as the Red BaronNextGen Ain't Peanuts at Snoopy's Airport
A pilot is approaching an airport in cloudy weatherCloudy Day is A-OK at Half Moon Bay
A plane is approaching a runway with the help of satellite guidanceWhat An Amazing Success

"It may have saved my life that day."

Tom Haines, pilot, on ADS-B and a near collision

An angle of attack indicator is shown with red, yellow and green areas of safety

Pilots wanted a better angle of attack indicator. We wanted to make sure all planes are equipped with the best new equipment to ensure the safety of our skies. That's why we simplified design approval requirements for angle of attack indicators - we want you to have the safest cockpit you can, and this step will make that happen.

634 We've installed ADS-B infrastructure all over the country to provide pilots an unprecedented level of access and safety. There are 634 new ground stations for your enjoyment and safety. Are you equipped?

Got Weather?

Dots representing flights are shown moving around a line of bad weather

Why wait until 2020? ADS-B installation brings free weather service to help you stay ahead of the storm no matter where you fly. A safer cockpit means safer skies.

Get Closer

A graph shows how close NextGen allows pilots to land when there is a low ceiling

Improved approach procedures minima with more precise area navigation

Approach Procedures Minima
Procedure Name Distance To Runway Detailed Procedure Information
LNAV 2 Nautical Miles RNAV/GPS - 400-600 feet MDA
LNAV/VNAV 1 Nautical Miles WAAS LP - 350-400 feet DA
LPV 3/4 Nautical Miles WAAS LPV or RNP (AR) - 200-300 feet DA
CAT 2 / CAT 3 GLS 1/2 Nautical Miles GBAS (LAAS) - 200-0 feet

Get closer to your favorite airport with new LPV approaches. With new approaches allowing access under less-than-ideal visual conditions, pilots are one-and-a-half miles closer to the airport using LPV routes.

ADS-B General Aviation

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