Demonstration and Infrastructure (DEMO)

Activity: NextGen - Demonstrations and Infrastructure Development

Operational Improvement

  • 102137: Automation Support for Separation Management
  • 108212: Improved Management of Special Activity Airspace


  • Demonstration, development and validation planning activities including International Air Traffic Interoperability, Area Navigation-Required Navigation Performance Terminal Area Demonstration, Airborne Access to System Wide Information Management (SWIM) (AAtS), Airborne Execution of Flow Strategies, Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) Demonstration, Mini Global Demonstration, Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Integration into National Airspace System (NAS), and Future Planning.

FY 2012

  • Completed: Identified a commercial service provider for an AAtS demonstration that will aid in the evaluation of the feasibility of transmitting information from the SWIM platform to the aircraft
  • Completed: Developed a plan for Airborne Execution of Strategic Flows that will aid in the planning, development and evaluation of its feasibility within the NAS
  • Completed: Coordinated planning documentation for GBAS in Guam with stakeholders, in order to assure harmonization within the user community

FY 2013

  • Conduct demonstration and complete final report of results to show the capability of the FAA system and airborne aircraft to communicate non-safety-critical information via an airborne network
  • Work with the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research program and ICAO to define Aviation System Block Upgrades, a set of modular targets for each country to work toward within specific time frames, in relation to the Atlantic Interoperability Initiative to Reduce Emissions and SWIM activities

FY 2014+

  • Conduct demonstration activities of collaborative end-to-end domain and develop standards and alternatives of near-term emerging technologies and airspace customer initiatives related to International Air Traffic Interoperability
  • Provide reporting and tracking for the NextGen projects in support of the NextGen Segment Implementation Portfolios as well as the pre-engineering work that aids in the mitigation of risk to developing projects
  • Conduct demonstration activities to show capabilities for re-routing airborne flights and continue to develop metrics and methodology for strategic flow initiatives
  • Conduct a Mini Global demonstration of Flight Object concepts validation, such as the Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM) standard while developing evaluation strategies to harmonize Flight Object concepts
  • Complete a demonstration and prepare report to assess feasibility and requirements for integration of UAS operations in the NAS including exchange of loss-link procedures using FIXM protocols