Eastern Service Area

The Surveillance and Broadcast Services� Eastern Service Area (SBS ESA) office provides oversight and management of the ADS-B activities in the Eastern Service Area.

The map depicts the states that fall under the FAA�s Surveillance and Broadcast Services� Eastern Service Area. Additionally, Philadelphia, PA and Louisville, KY were the key sites for the ADS-B demonstration, a part of the national airspace system modernization.

As a result of the successful testing and operations, the controllers in the Philadelphia and Louisville area can now use a satellite-based system to more efficiently and safely track and separate aircraft. In Louisville, four ground stations give controllers an ADS-B coverage area extending 60 nautical miles in all directions up to 10,000 feet. Louisville was chosen as a key site in part because of UPS� voluntarily participation in the program.

ADS-B coverage at Philadelphia also extends 60 nautical miles out and approximately 10,000 feet up. The coverage includes the surface area and the approach corridors to the runways. Philadelphia was selected for its current automation platform being used by air traffic controllers called the Standard Terminal Automated Replacement (STAR) System. Also UPS aircraft, equipped with ADS-B avionics, conducts large amount of their operations at the Philadelphia Airport.

Additionally, Philadelphia Airport has Airport Surface Detection Equipment (ASDE-X), which provides detailed coverage of movement on runways and taxiways that allow controllers to detect potential conflicts. The ASDE-X at Philadelphia has been upgraded to receive ADS-B data, which will be used as a Traffic Information Service � Broadcast (TIS-B) source for pilots to see on their cockpit displays.

In South Florida, 11 ground stations provide general aviation aircraft, equipped with ADS-B avionics, with weather and traffic information to the cockpit for free. The controllers in that region will be using the ADS-B system to separate aircraft in the near future.

Current ESA ADS-B deployment

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