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FAA/Industry Aircraft Safety Equipage Incentive Program (SEIP)

Implementation of Automatic Dependence Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) is a crucial component to achieve the Federal Aviation Administration's commitment to safe and reliable transportation. The FAA recognizes that voluntary preparation by acquiring necessary technology is the key to success for ADS-B. Typically most new technology can be expensive and this may be the situation for ADS-B equipment, which is a concern for individuals and businesses. In order to reduce equipage costs, a stimulus program is essential to encourage aircraft equipage in order to reduce equipage costs and foster an accelerated ADS-B deployment. The "Aircraft Safety Equipage Incentive Program" was developed by the FAA and Alaskan aviation industry, working through the Agreement Implementation Committee to expedite equipage of Alaska-based aircraft with ADS-B avionics. Technology and equipage costs should significantly reduce as manufacturers increase production of avionics equipment.

Senate Bill No. 249 was signed into law by Governor Sarah Palin in April 2008 as a result of the committee's effort to obtain funding for the program. The law now provides $4.8 million in low-interest loans through the "Alaska Capstone Avionics Revolving Loan Fund."

The loan program, which began in July 2008, provides funding for:

  • Approximately 400 loans the first year
  • An additional 60 loans each year for a total of four years, which is based on cash flow from loan repayments and fund earnings

Based on the estimate above, approximately 640 aircraft could be equipped if operators take advantage of the loan program.

General requirements and applications for the loan are available online with the State of Alaska's Division of Investments at: http://www.commerce.state.ak.us/investments/capstone.cfml

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