We have created a timeline and a summary (PDF) of the FAA's key work plans in support of delivering the operational improvements necessary to achieve our vision of operations for the NextGen mid-term. The integrated work plans support the required tracking, planning, reporting and execution needed to deliver the operational improvements necessary to achieve our vision for the NextGen mid-term.

We have chosen an operational orientation for presenting the highlighted work activities that support our mid-term vision.

Each mid-term operational improvement has been broken down into a series of capabilities that can be deployed as they reach maturity. In many cases, these capabilities provide immediate user benefits while contributing to the development of the operational improvements they support. The capabilities we expect to achieve operational status or be available to National Airspace System (NAS) users by the mid-term have been defined, and are organized into nine implementation portfolios:

  • Improved Surface Operations
  • Improved Approaches and Low Visibility
  • Closely Spaced, Parallel, Converging, and Intersecting Runway Operations
  • Performance Based Navigation
  • Time Based Flow Management
  • Collaborative Air Traffic Management
  • Automation Support for Separation Management
  • On-Demand NAS Information
  • Environment and Energy

Additionally, our Common Services and Infrastructure portfolio identifies cross-cutting enablers that support the capabilities included in the implementation portfolios.

Operational improvements and associated capabilities that are still being clearly defined are included in our NextGen Maturity and System Development portfolio.

As we continue our development work in support of those later capabilities, we may need to make adjustments to our portfolio structure as well as our schedules. Factors such as program interdependencies, a realignment of priorities or other external drivers could potentially impact the assumptions under which these work plans have been crafted.

NextGen solution sets contain interdependent projects that work together to provide capabilities to targeted user groups and areas. The solution sets constitute the primary construct for NextGen pre-implementation budget development.