Collaborative Air Traffic Management Technologies (CATMT) is a NextGen Transformational Program that provides enhancements to the existing Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS).

CATMT Work Package 2 consists of:

  • Arrival Uncertainty Management (AUM) – the Unified Delay Program (UDP) automates the use of historical data for the number of arrival slots to be reserved for unscheduled demand.
  • Weather Integration – integrates the display of the Corridor Integrated Weather System (CIWS) product onto the TFMS display; integrates the Route Availability Planning Tool (RAPT) onto the TFMS display.
  • Collaborative Airspace Constraint Resolution (CACR) – automated decision support tool that identifies constrained airspace and assists traffic planners with formulating solutions while taking into account airspace user preferences.
  • Airborne Re-routes – provides the ability to transmit TFMS generated re-routes to ATC automation for execution.

CATMT Work Package 3 provides a major re-architecture of the existing Traffic Flow Management System remote sites and one functional enhancement. WP3 consists of:

  • TFMS Remote Site Re-engineering (TRS-R) – hardware and software re-architecture of the decision support tool suite used by traffic managers. Necessary to provide an integrated tool suite and to match the software architecture of the modernized TFMS hubsite.
  • Collaborative Information Exchange (CIX) – increased situational awareness and improved constraint prediction by the incorporation of data made available via System Wide Information Management (SWIM) mechanisms. Examples are Special Use Airspace (SUA) status and surface event information.