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How To Get Connected to SWIM Data

A description of the process and paperwork required to get connected to FAA and SWIM. View the External Consumer Brief for more detail.

Data Products Available via SWIM

A list of SWIM Producers and the SOA Services and data products that are made available via the NAS Enterprise Messaging System (NEMS)


Recent documents and briefings made available.
SWIM External Consumer Brief July 2, 2015
FTI NBPS User's Guide for External Users May 27, 2015
SWIM NEMS User Guide May 27, 2015
VPN Technical Requirements May 27, 2015
External Consumer On-Ramping Form Template May 27, 2015
SWIM Product Portfolio February 11, 2015
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NAS Service Registry/Repository (NSRR)

A repository with detailed information regarding data products and SOA Service available via SWIM

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