The System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Program is being implemented in segments. In each segment, a set of NAS services is being developed and integrated via SWIM. Enterprise infrastructure is added to support the implementation of capabilities associated with the segments. SWIM enterprise infrastructure will enable systems to request and receive information when they need it, subscribe for automatic receipt, and publish information as appropriate. This will provide for sharing of information among diverse systems.

SWIM Segment 1 takes a federated approach to the implementation of nine SWIM capabilities by seven SWIM Implementing Programs (SIPs). The SWIM Program provides Governance, standards, and software to SIPs in support of their development of reusable SWIM compliant services. The program also provides requirements, schedules, and funding to the SIPs and tracks their progress in formal monthly reviews. SWIM is not implementing a separate infrastructure for Segment 1, but is leveraging existing infrastructures, processes, resources, and logistics chains that are part of the program offices implementing the SWIM capabilities. This approach allows for the early integration of SOA services within the NAS in the FAA's transition to SWIM. SWIM Governance ensures use of common protocols and interfaces, assisted by using standardized commercial software.

At the conclusion of Segment 1, SOA services will be deployed to all Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs), 39 Terminal Radar Approach Controls (TRACONs), the Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC), the William J. Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC), and the Network Enterprise Management Centers (NEMCs).

Segment 1 - Federation among Programs
Legacy Infrastructure
  • No common infrastructure
  • Each Program responsible for message delivery using SWIM-provided software
  • Governance policies/processes to ensure interoperability
    SWIM Segment 2 continues and expands the provision of Governance, standards, and software to NAS programs begun under SWIM Segment 1. The three primary goals of this segment are as follows:
  • Support data exchanges needed to satisfy NextGen Operational Improvements (OIs);
  • Provide SOA infrastructure that was delegated to the SIPs in Segment 1 and facilitate the transition by those SIPs to the Segment 2 enterprise infrastructure;
  • Build on Segment 1 Governance for all SOA-suitable NAS programs and provide support to NAS Programs developing and deploying services in this timeframe.

Segment 2 - Common Infrastructure
Common Infrastructure Implementation
  • SWIM provides common messaging infrastructure (NAS Enterprise Messaging Service (NEMS))
  • SWIM provides Domain Name Service (DNS) and Network Time Protocol/Precision Time Protocol (NTP/PTP) capabilities
  • SWIM is responsible for message delivery
  • More agile Governance
  • SWIM will assist Segment 1 Programs in transition to new infrastructure