The System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Program supports several FAA goals, detailed below. SWIM also supports the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)-endorsed Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) goal to simplify processes and unify work across agencies and within the lines of business of the Federal Government.

SWIM Support for Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) Operational Improvements (OIs)
NextGen has listed various OIs in the NextGen Implementation Plan (NGIP) and the NextGen Segment Implementation Plan (NSIP). For more information on NextGen and its plans, please use the following link:

    SWIM supports the following NextGen OIs:
  • Traffic Management Initiatives with Flight-Specific Trajectories (OI 105208)
  • Continuous Flight Day Evaluations (OI 105302)
  • Full Flight Plan Constraint Evaluation (OI 101102)
  • On Demand National Airspace System (NAS) Information (OI 103305)
  • Initial Integration of Weather Information into NAS Automation and Decision-Making (OI 103119)
  • Initial Surface Traffic Management (OI 104209)
  • Implement Enterprise Messaging Service (EMS) Framework- Phase II (OI 109310)
  • Improved Management of Airspace for Special Use (OI 108212)

SWIM Support for Destination 2025
Destination 2025 is a roadmap and report card for FAA performance. For more information or to view the Destination 2025 please use the following link:

    SWIM activities support the following FAA Destination 2025 goals:
  • Next Level of Safety;
  • Delivering Aviation Access through Innovation;
  • Sustaining our Future; and
  • Improved Global Performance through Collaboration.

SWIM Support for the Enterprise Architecture Roadmaps
The modernization of NAS requires the coordinated execution of multiple plans and projects. NAS Enterprise Architecture (NAS EA) establishes the foundation from which evolution of the NAS can be explicitly understood and modeled. For more information on NAS EA roadmaps, please use the following link:

    SWIM is part of the following NAS EA roadmaps:
  • Enterprise Services Roadmap ES-01: FAA Net-Centric Programs will exchange information based on Service Oriented Architecture principles, comply with SWIM policies and standards and use SWIM core infrastructure to the extent practicable
  • Enterprise Services Roadmap ES-02: SWIM will provide policies, standards, and core infrastructure to support data management, based on existing systems and networks to the extent practicable, and use proven technologies to reduce cost and risk