May 28 -- In January 2010, in response to the recommendations of the RTCA Mid-Term Implementation Task Force, the FAA committed to provide a comprehensive proposal for further engagement with the aviation community.

The breadth and complexity of NextGen demands a solution broader than a simple, one-size-fits-all approach, so the proposal calls for three levels of engagement:

Executive-Level Engagement: At a broad level, the FAA wants to engage executives who can represent their organizations´┐Ż needs and interests to establish the overall priorities for NextGen in many different locations and timeframes. The FAA has asked RTCA to replace the current Air Traffic Management Advisory Committee with a new senior-level advisory committee that will represent a broader aviation community membership, including the interests of safety, airports, the environment and global harmonization, as well as air traffic. To prioritize the near-term research activities that support longer-term goals, the FAA will continue its work with the Research, Engineering, and Development Advisory Committee.

Implementation Engagement: To successfully implement specific NextGen capabilities, the FAA must work with members of the aviation community who understand specific operations and technologies to synchronize investments and to address and mitigate implementation risks. The engagement process should ensure joint decision-making and accountability among key stakeholders who commit to directly invest money, resources, and human capital. The FAA has detailed a variety of forums where this level of engagement would take place, including Aviation Rulemaking Committees, RTCA special committees and the Commercial Aviation Safety Team.

Dialogue on Performance Metrics: The FAA is committed to maintain open communication with the aviation community about NextGen progress and will continue extensive outreach. The FAA has established the NextGen Implementation Performance & Reporting Office to work with the new RTCA advisory committee to develop metrics for tracking the progress of NextGen plans and operations, and to support community outreach.

The full proposal can be found here (PDF).