NextGen is now. Collaboration between the FAA and the aviation community is enabling the NextGen transformation as never before, and industry and the flying public are reaping the benefits.

The NextGen Update: 2016 provides an overview of where NextGen stands today, and where we're going in the years to come.

From the Chief NextGen Officer (1:59)

Delivering NextGen

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Progress and Plans

Here's the latest on our accomplishments over the past year, and a look at what's on the horizon. Read More »

Collaboration Collage


Collaboration is enabling NextGen success. Learn how the FAA and its partners are making NextGen a reality throughout the United States and around the world. Read More »

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General Aviation

NextGen is making general aviation safer and more environmentally friendly through new procedures and technologies. Read More »

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Operator Investments and Airports

Aircraft and airport operators are full partners in NextGen. Learn what investment opportunities are available to garner the greatest benefit from current and upcoming NextGen capabilities. Read More »

NextGen Today

Want your NextGen update at-a-glance? Here's a quick overview of NextGen advances in communication, navigation, surveillance, and information-sharing.

NextGen Today (5:10)

"With NextGen, the aviation community is sharing more information and making better collaborative decisions that improve air transportation and make travel more reliable for passengers."

Jim Eck

Assistant Administrator for NextGen



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