Designee application, selection, and appointment is the process to identify qualified private persons to act on behalf of the FAA Administrator. Order 8000.95, Order 8100.8, Order 8900.2, and Order 8520.2G define qualification requirements for certain designees, and provide guidance and procedures for their selection and appointment of designees under the cognizance of the Aircraft Certification Service, Flight Standards Service, and Aerospace Medical Certification.

Note: Order 8000.95 applies only to DMIR and DAR-F applicants. DAR-T and DER applicants refer to Order 8100.8

The application, selection, and appointment process should take less than 90 days, assuming:
  • You meet all of the qualifications for the designee type for which you are applying, and apply in accordance with the requirements of Order 8000.95, Order 8100.8, Order 8900.2, and Order 8520.2G.
  • The FAA office reviewing your application determines there is a need for a designee of your type and qualifications, and have resources available to manage your appointment as a designee.

Selection & Appointment

The selection and appointment process involves an initial review, a technical review, and an evaluation by a panel or by the appropriate regional flight surgeon. Not all applications make it through the process, since an application can be denied for a variety of reasons at any point in the process.

Aviation Medical Examiner Designees (AME): The Regional Flight Surgeon is responsible for the designee application and screening process. For more information, see the Aviation Medical Examiner page.

Engineering Designees (DER): The managing Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) is responsible for the designee application and screening process.

Flight Standards Designees (DAR-T, DME, DPE, DPRE): The National Examiner Board (NEB) oversees the designee application and screening process.

Manufacturing Designees (DAR-F, DMIR): DAR-F, DMIR applications will be processed through the Designee Management System (DMS). Please see the DMS page for more information.

Apply as a Designee

Aviation Medical Examiner Designee (AME)
Flight Standards Designee (DAR-T, DME, DPE, DPRE)
Engineering Designee (DER)
Manufacturing Designee (DAR-F, DMIR)