Thank you for your interest in becoming a Manufacturing Designee.

Notice: The FAA will transition the Manufacturing Designee Program (DAR-F, DMIR) to the DMS beginning in July, 2014. Paper applications under the current process will not be accepted after May 7, 2014. All new DAR-F and DMIR applications after May 7, 2014 will be processed through the DMS when available.

The following items make up the DAR-F & DMIR application package:

  1. Cover Letter. A DAR applicant must submit a cover letter requesting appointment. A DMIR applicant must submit a letter from the applicant's employer requesting an appointment and identifying any special recommendations or limitations considered appropriate with respect to the desired authority.

  2. 8110-14, Statement of Qualifications (DAR-F-DMIR-DER). If you are requesting appointment as a DAR or DMIR, please ensure your employer completes item 12 and forwards a letter requesting your appointment.

  3. DMIR/DAR Application Evaluation Form (MS Word). This application must be completely filled out.  The applicant must also submit supplemental documentation that substantiates experience in each of the four evaluation criteria (regulatory, technical, interface, and standardization).  For the Specialized Technical criteria section of the application, these criteria are specific to the particular airworthiness function for which you are seeking an authorization. Please put “N/A” for any part of the specialized technical criteria that does not apply.

Submit Application package to your local managing office:

Manufacturing Inspection District Offices (MIDO)

Evaluation Process:

The applicant must submit the cover letter, FAA Form 8110.14, and DMIR/DAR-F Application Evaluation Form as a completed application package. The evaluation forms identify the delegations sought and provide a means for the FAA to record the evaluation and decision regarding the application. The evaluation of the applicant’s information will determine if an applicant may be appointed, identified as a candidate, or denied appointment.  Appointment is made when an applicant meets the criteria, has had direct FAA interaction (depending on the designation being sought), and provides verifiable documentation, and when the FAA has the need and ability to manage the designation. Failure to meet the applicable criteria will result in a denial.

Submit Activity Summary Report for each yearly review:

Summary Activity Report (MS Word)