Please review the following information prior to contacting the AMCS Support Desk.

General Information

  • The new FAA Form 8500-8, series GG could begin arriving in your office as early as September 22, 2008.
  • The initial supply of series GG forms will be mailed to AMEs automatically therefore AMEs are not required to order the first batch of series GG forms.
  • AMEs are required to order 8500-8 forms when a new supply is required.
  • Upon receipt of your supply of the new FAA Form 8500-8, GG Series, you are required to shred your entire stock of FF series forms.
  • Specific changes to the GG series include
    • Change to text of question 18v
    • Addition of question 18y - Medical disability benefits (yes/no)

Summary of changes to AMCS and MedXPress

  • Both AMCS and MedXPress have been updated to support the new GG series 8500-8.
  • The new versions of AMCS and MedXpress will be available to you on Monday September 15, 2008
  • Upgrades to AMCS include
    • Support for both FF and GG series forms
    • Ability to select form series on pages one and three
    • Notification on import from MedXPress application if imported application was converted from FX to GX, and notification you must discuss 18y and 18v with the airman in the office during the exam
  • Upgrades to MedXPress include
    • New version will only create GG forms
    • Upon import, previously created FF series forms are converted to GG series

An application submitted via MedXPress will have a form series of FX or GX rather than FF or GG.

AMCS and MedXPress Unavailability

To implement changes required to support the new FAA Form 8500-8 series GG, both AMCS and MedXpress will be unavailable to all users on September 14, 2008 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (CDT)

Changes to paper 8500-8 submissions

  • AMCS allows selection of Form series (FF or GG) on page one
  • Questions 18v and 18y will change based on the selection of the form series (FF or GG)

Changes to MedXPress 8500-8 submissions

  • All applications initiated, but not completed, in MedXPress prior to system upgrade will automatically be converted to the GG series when imported into AMCS
  • All new applications are created in MedXPress as GG forms

Answers to Common Questions