Frequently Asked Questions about being an Aviation Medical Examiner

What are the professional requirements?
AME applicants must hold a current valid medical license as an MD or DO (with no restrictions or limitations) issued by the state licensing authority in the location where they intend to perform medical examinations for the FAA. Applicants are required to provide references from three local physicians, or an official statement from their respective state licensing authorities regarding professional standing in the medical community. Applicants must be engaged in the practice of clinical medicine at an established office address that is available to the general public. Applicants must have a properly equipped office (required equipment lists can be obtained from the local Regional Flight Surgeon's office) to conduct FAA medical examinations.

Special consideration may be given to applicants who have been military flight surgeons, who have training or expertise in aviation medicine, or those who have been previously designated (and maintained adequate performance as an AME) but moved to a different geographical location. Upon initial designation, AMEs are authorized to perform Class II and Class III physicals only. In order to obtain authorization to perform Class I (Air Transport Pilots) physicals, AMEs must first perform Class II and III physicals for a period of at least 3 years.