Frequently Asked Questions about being an Aviation Medical Examiner

What are some other activities available to AMEs besides performing physical examinations?
Some AMEs act as consultants to the FAA in their medical specialties, such as cardiology, ophthamology, otolaryngology, neurology, and psychiatry and participate in the review of medical certification case that might qualify for special issuance of a medical certificate (e.g., pilots who have had coronary artery bypass surgery).

Other AMEs are involved in giving lectures on medical subjects and providing clinical demonstrations on examination techniques at AME seminars. Still others participate in FAA aviation safety seminars for pilots, delivering presentations on aeromedical issues that have an impact on aviation safety.

Some AMEs are called upon to assist in the investigation of fatal general aviation accidents.

Other AMEs act as consultants to determine whether acutely ill and incapacitated patients can be safely transported by air.