Great Challenge and Great Opportunity

Editorial, by Jon L. Jordan, MD, JD

As your Federal Air Surgeon, I want you to know that I fully endorse ongoing efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of our airman medical certification program.

You are aware of the several principal initiatives to achieve this goal, including automation of the 8500-8 form, revised Part 67 medical standards, increased responsibility and accountability for all participants in the certification process, and a new approach to AME continuing education.

We have come a long way in airman medical certification in recent years. The AME system runs more efficiently, errors on examination forms are diminishing, and the time required to issue a medical certificate by our Aeromedical Certification Division has been reduced. We can all be proud of these achievements.

I predict that our achievements in the coming years will make these advances pale in comparison. Electronic transmission of the 8500-8 will reduce workload for the AME’s office and for the certification division in Oklahoma City. The software is user-friendly and will result in recording findings faster. Further, this program will dramatically reduce errors of recording, saving precious time and resources for the airman, AME, and the FAA.

We are in a time of great challenge and great opportunity. I intend to work closely with you in exploring the opportunities.