A DAR is an individual appointed in accordance with 14 CFR � 183.33 who may perform examination, inspection, and testing services necessary to the issuance of certificates. There are two types of DARs, manufacturing and maintenance.
  • Manufacturing DARs must possess aeronautical knowledge, experience, and meet the qualification requirements of Order 8000.95.
  • Maintenance DARs must hold:
    • a mechanic's certificate with an airframe and powerplant rating under 14 CFR part 65, Certification: Airmen Other Than Flight Crewmembers, or
    • a repairman certificate and be employed at a repair station certificated under 14 CFR part 145, or an air carrier operating certificate holder with an FAA-approved continuous airworthiness program, and must meet the qualification requirements of Order 8100.8, Chapter 14.

Specialized Experience – Amateur-Built and Light-Sport Aircraft DARs  Both Manufacturing DARs and Maintenance DARs may be authorized to perform airworthiness certification of light-sport aircraft. DAR qualification criteria and selection procedures for amateur-built and light-sport aircraft airworthiness functions are provided in Order 8100.8 and Order 8000.95, as appropriate.

The DAR-T Directory provides a list of DARs by location, along with their contact information and their authorized functions. For manufacturing DARs, use the Designee Management System to conduct your search.