A DER is an individual, appointed in accordance with 14 CFR ยง 183.29, who holds an engineering degree or equivalent, possesses technical knowledge and experience, and meets the qualification requirements of Order 8100.8D.

A DER may be appointed to act as a Company DER and/or Consultant DER.
  • Company DERs can act as DER for their employer and may only approve, or recommend approval, of technical data to the FAA for the company.
  • Consultant DERs are individuals appointed to act as an independent (self-employed) DER to approve or recommend approval of technical data to the FAA.

DER Technical Disciplines

  • Acoustical Engineering
  • Engine Engineering
  • Flight Analyst
  • Flight Test Pilot
  • Powerplant Engineering
  • Propeller Engineering
  • Radio Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • System and Equipment Engineering

The FAA Consultant DER Directory (PDF) provides a list of Consultant DERs, by state and technical discipline.

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