The Designee Management Handbook, Chapter 8, Order 8100.8, describes training requirements for designees under the cognizance of the Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) and Flight Standards Service (AFS).

Organization Designation Authorization Procedures, Order 8100.15A, outlines the FAA ODA program. Under this program, the FAA can delegate certain types of authority to organizations. This order describes the qualification, appointment and oversight requirements for organizations in the ODA program.


Required procedural training for designees is provided by the designee seminars. AIR and AFS designees each attend special seminars as required by Order 8100.8 or their managing office.

Other Training Opportunities

The FAA Academy Regulatory Standards Division offers numerous training opportunities, including seminars and workshops, classroom training at the FAA Academy, and video self-study courses that can be ordered via the Internet.

Other technical training courses are available to Flight Test Pilots, Industry/Designees, International participants, Military, and other Government agencies. Many of these courses are available to Designees at 50% of the normal course fee.

Contact the course manager for enrollment information.