The Recovery Act specifically includes $1.3 billion for projects and programs administered by FAA. These programs will protect and promote jobs through construction projects at airports and investments in FAA's air traffic control infrastructure. Funding is provided for:

  • Facilities & Equipment (F&E): $200 million to be used to make improvements to power systems, air route traffic control centers, air traffic control towers, terminal radar approach control facilities, and navigation and landing equipment.
  • Grants-in-Aid for Airports (AIP): $1.1 billion for discretionary grants to airports, with priority given to those projects that can be completed within two years. Steps in the Airports grant process

The new law is geared for performance and unprecedented transparency. FAA plans to award the designated funds on contracts and competitive grants as quickly as possible. All funding will be monitored by the Department of Transportation's Inspector General, which receives $20 million from the Recovery Act for additional oversight and review. Announcements of grants will be posted on to ensure transparency.