• Facilities & Equipment (F&E) finances major capital investments related to modernizing and improving air traffic control and airway facilities, equipment, and systems. The F&E appropriation provides funds to establish, replace, relocate, or improve air navigation facilities and equipment and aviation safety systems based on their operational uses. Recovery funds will be used to upgrade power systems ($50 million), air route traffic control centers ($50 million), air traffic control towers and terminal radar approach control facilities ($80 million), and navigation and landing equipment ($20 million).

    Download a list of the approximately 300 sites (PDF, last updated 9/7/2010) that will be funded with ARRA funding. Currently this list does not include the dollar amounts associated with these sites because the contracts are not yet awarded. As contracts are awarded, we will update this list to include those award amounts. You can subscribe to be notified via email when updates are posted to this recovery site.

    Download the current Facilities and Equipment "Buy American" waiver (PDF) that has been approved for the ARRA program.