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Number Office Title Date
150/5320-16 AAS-200 Airport Pavement Design for the Boeing 777 Airplane (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 04-30-2004 10-22-1995
150/5345-43E AAS-200 Specification for Obstruction Lighting Equipment (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 09-12-2006 10-19-1995
150/5000-14 APP-400 Announcement of Availability- National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS) 1993-1997 (Cancelled) This advisory circular announces the availability of the National Plan of Integrated Airport Sys- tems (NPIAS) 1993-1997. Date Cancelled: 12-31-2007 09-12-1995
120-51B AFS-210 Crew Resource Management Training (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 10-30-1998
Cancelled By: 120-51C
150/5210-14A AAS-300 Airport Fire and Rescue Personnel Protective Clothing (Cancelled) Assists airport management in the development of local procurement specifications for an acceptable, cost-effective proximity suit for use in aircraft rescue and firefighting operations. Date Cancelled: 09-30-2008
Cancelled By: 150/5210-14B
150/5320-6D AAS-100 Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation (Cancelled)

Provides guidance to the public for the design and evaluation of pavements at civil airports.

Date Cancelled: 09-30-2009
CHANGE 1 (01-30-1996)
Corrects errors in the graph for Figure 2-4, Effect of Subbase on Modulus of Subgrade Reaction, and changes a typographical error in paragraph 339b.
CHANGE 2 (06-03-2002)
Incorporates recent changes and corrections.
CHANGE 3 (04-30-2004)
Incorporates recent changes and corrections. This AC cancels AC 150/5320-16, Airport Pavement Design for the Boeing 777 Airplane.
CHANGE 4 (06-23-2006)
Provides design guidance for paved airfield shoulders and rubblization of existing Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) pavements prior to asphalt overlay. Revises guidance on required design flexural strength for rigid pavement design.
20-130A AIR-130 Airworthiness Approval of Navigation or Flight Management Systems Integrating Multiple Navigation Sensors (Cancelled)

Establishes an acceptable means, but not the only means, of obtaining airworthiness approval of a multi-sensor navigation or flight management systems integrating data from multiple navigation sensors for use as a navigation system for oceanic and remote, domestic enroute, terminal, and non-precision instrument approach (except localizer, localizer directional aid (LDA) and simplified directional facility operations. This document does not address systems incorporating differential GPS capability.

Date Cancelled: 05-08-2012
25-7 ANM-110 Flight Test Guide for Certification of Transport Category Airplanes (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 03-31-1998 06-06-1995
90-89A AFS-340 Amateur-Built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook (Cancelled)

Provides suggestions and safety-related recommendations to assist amateur and ultra-light builders in developing individualized aircraft flight test plans. It includes flight testing recommendations for canard-type and ultra-light aircraft. SN 050-007-01087-7

Date Cancelled: 04-27-2015
61-121 AFS-630 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-10A, Aircraft Dispatcher Practical Test Standards (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 04-24-2005 05-10-1995
00-1.1 AIR-220 Government Aircraft Operations (Cancelled)

Provides guidance on whether particular government aircraft operations are public aircraft or civil aircraft operations under the new statutory definition of “public aircraft.” This AC contains FAA’s intended application of key terms in the new statutory definition. For operations that have lost public aircraft status under the new law, information is provided on bringing those operations into compliance with FAA safety regulations for civil aircraft and provides information on applying for an exemption.

Date Cancelled: 02-12-2014
150/5210-17 AAS-100 Programs for Training of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Personnel (Cancelled) Provides information on courss and reference materials for training of aircraft and firefighting (ARFF) personnel. Date Cancelled: 04-28-2006 04-06-1995
187-1 AFS-50 Flight Standards Service Schedule of Charges Outside the United States (Cancelled) Transmits a schedule of charges for services of FAA Flight Standards aviation safety inspectors outside the U.S. The methodology for determining these charges and the initial charges developed by this methodology were established by rulemaking action to FAR Part 187, Docket No. 27809; Notice No. 94-24, Fees for Certification Services and Approvals Performed Outside the United States. Date Cancelled: 09-24-2004
Cancelled By: 187-1A
121-32 AFS-210 Dispatch Resource Management Training (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 11-21-2005
Cancelled By: 121-32A
90-94 AFS-820 Guidelines for using Global Positioning System Equipment for IFR En Route and Terminal Operations and for Nonprecision Instrument Approaches in the U.S. National Airspace System (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 01-23-2009
Cancelled By: 90-105
25-19 ANM-113 Certification Maintenance Requirements (Cancelled)

Provides guidance on the selection, documentation, and control of Certification Maintenance Requirements (CMR’s).

Date Cancelled: 10-03-2011
150/5000-13 AAS-100 Announcement of Availability: RTCA Inc., Document RTCA-221, Guidance and Recommended Requirements for Airport Surface Movement Sensors (Cancelled) Announces the availability of RTCA Inc., Document RTCA-221, Guidance and Recommended Requirements for Airport Surface Movement Sensors. Date Cancelled: 09-05-2008
Cancelled By: 150/5000-13A
150/5000-12 APP-510 Announcement of Availability: Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Application (FAA Form 5500-1) (Cancelled)

Provides guidance for the submission of the PFC application. View more recent versions of the PFC Application.

Date Cancelled: 03-05-2012
21-38 AIR-200 Disposition of Unsalvageable Aircraft Parts and Materials (Cancelled) 07-05-1994
150/5395-1 AAS-100 Seaplane Bases (Cancelled)

Provides guidance to assist operators in planning, designing, and constructing seaplane base facilities.

Date Cancelled: 08-06-2013
20-138 AIR-130 Airworthiness Approval of Global Positioning System (GPS) Navigation Equipment for use as a VFR and IFR Supplemental Navigation System (Cancelled) Establishes an acceptable means, but not the only means, of obtaining airworthiness approval of Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment for use as a supplemental navigation system for oceanic and remote domestic en route, terminal, and non-precision instrument approach (except localizer directional aid (LDA) and simplified directional facility (SDF) operations. Date Cancelled: 12-22-2003
Cancelled By: 20-138A
120-60 AFS-240 Ground Deicing and Anti-Icing Program (Cancelled) Provides one means, but not the only means, for obtaining approval of a Ground Deicing and Anti-icing Program, and for ensuring compliance with FAR Section 121.629. Date Cancelled: 08-30-2004
Cancelled By: 120-60A
120-61 AFS-200 Crewmember Training on In-Flight Radiation Exposure (Cancelled) Recommends subject to be covered in air carrier programs designed to: (1) inform crewmembers about radiation exposure and known associated health risks; and (2) assist crewmembers in making informed decisions with regard to their work on commercial air carriers. This AC provides a possible outline of courses but actual subject material should be gathered by the air carriers. Date Cancelled: 07-06-2006 05-19-1994
147-4 AFS-340 Guidelines for Evaluation of Military Aviation Training Courses (Cancelled)

Provides guidelines to assist FAA-certificated aviation maintenance technician schools when crediting servicemen/women and veterans in the evaluation of aviation training completed while in the military.

Date Cancelled: 12-04-2015
150/5210-18 AAS-100 Systems for Interactive Training of Airport Personnel (Cancelled) Provides guidance on the design of systems for interactive training of airport personnel. Date Cancelled: 09-29-2008
Cancelled By: 150/5210-18A

476 - 500 of 750 results.

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