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Number Office Title Date
150/5200-28B AAS-310 Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS) for Airport Operators (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 07-24-2006 06-26-1996
20-126G AFS-610 Aircraft Certification Service Field Office Listing (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 03-07-2007 06-11-1996
20-62D AFS-340 Eligibility, Quality, & Identification of Aeronautical Replacement Parts (Cancelled)

Provides information and guidance for use in determining the quality, eligibility and traceability of aeronautical parts and materials intended for installation on U.S. type-certificated products and to enable compliance with the applicable regulations.

Date Cancelled: 12-23-2010
39-6R AFS-610 Announcement of Availability - Summary of Airworthiness Directives (Cancelled) 05-15-1996
61-124 AFS-630 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-SOS 1-17, Private Pilot Practical Test Standards for Lighter-Than-Air (Balloon/Airship) (Cancelled) 05-15-1996
61-91H AFS-800 Pilot Proficiency Award Program (Cancelled)

Expands the Pilot Proficiency Award Program to 20 phases and makes special provision for seaplane-rated pilots to obtain “seawings.”

Date Cancelled: 02-16-2011
21-20B AIR-230 Supplier Surveillance Procedures (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 09-24-2009 04-22-1996
20-139 AIR-230 Commercial Assistance During Construction of Amateur-Built Aircraft (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 09-30-2009 04-03-1996
36-3G AEE-110 Estimated Airplane Noise Levels in A-Weighted Decibels (Cancelled) Provides listings of estimated airplane noise levels in units of A-weighted sound levels in decibels (dBA), ranked in describing order for the conditions and assumptions described. This information is provided both for aircraft that have been noise type certificated under 14 CFR Part 36 and for Aircraft for which no such requirement currently exists. Date Cancelled: 04-25-2002
Cancelled By: 36-3H
21-32A AIR-230 Control of Products and Parts Shipped Prior to Type Certificate Issuance (Cancelled)

Provides a means, but not the only means, to control products and parts shipped prior to the issuance of a type certificate or supplemental type certificate by a manufacturer with an approved production inspection system or production certificate. This AC broadens the scope of AC 21-32 by including completed aircraft, aircraft engines, propellers, and parts thereof ship prior to TC/STC issuance

Date Cancelled: 04-16-2011
61-123 AFS-630 Announcement of Availability: Practical Test Standards (Rotorcraft); FAA-S-8081-7A, FAA-S-8081-15, and FAA-S-8081-16 (Cancelled) 03-05-1996
25.562-1A ANM-110 Dynamic Evaluation of Seat Restraint Systems & Occupant Protection on Transport Airplanes (Cancelled) Provides information and guidance regarding compliance with the provisions of Part 25 of the Federal Aviation Regulations applicable to dynamic testing of seats intended for use in transport category airplanes. Date Cancelled: 01-10-2006
Cancelled By: 25.562-1B
13-1 AFS-120 Aviation Safety Inspector Work Site Access (Cancelled) (Cancelled)

Explains the requirement and use of FAA Form 8000-39, Aviation Safety Inspector Identification Card, and its relation to the Aviation Safety Credential, FAA Form 110A. This AC is issued primarily to acquaint airport authorities and the airport security personnel with the FAA Form 8000-39 and the aviation safety inspector’s need to be in restricted areas of the airport to perform official FAA business.

Date Cancelled: 06-10-2016
137-1 AFS-820 Agricultural Aircraft Operations (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 10-10-2007
Cancelled By: 137-1A
39-7C AFS-340 Airworthiness Directives (Cancelled)

Provides guidance and information to owners and operators of aircraft concerning their responsibility for complying with airworthiness directives (AD) and recording AD compliance in the appropriate maintenance records

Date Cancelled: 03-02-2012
150/5220-16B AUA-430 Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) for Non-Federal Applications (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 12-13-1999
Cancelled By: 150/5220-16C
120-27C AFS-330 Aircraft Weight and Balance Control (Cancelled) Provides one means, but not the only means, for obtaining approval of a weight and balance control system. It provides guidance to certificate holders that are required to have an approved weight and balance program by Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 121 or choose to have an approved program under 14 CFR Part 135. Date Cancelled: 08-11-2004
Cancelled By: 120-27D
150/5320-16 AAS-200 Airport Pavement Design for the Boeing 777 Airplane (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 04-30-2004 10-22-1995
150/5345-43E AAS-200 Specification for Obstruction Lighting Equipment (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 09-12-2006 10-19-1995
150/5000-14 APP-400 Announcement of Availability- National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS) 1993-1997 (Cancelled) This advisory circular announces the availability of the National Plan of Integrated Airport Sys- tems (NPIAS) 1993-1997. Date Cancelled: 12-31-2007 09-12-1995
120-51B AFS-210 Crew Resource Management Training (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 10-30-1998
Cancelled By: 120-51C
150/5210-14A AAS-300 Airport Fire and Rescue Personnel Protective Clothing (Cancelled) Assists airport management in the development of local procurement specifications for an acceptable, cost-effective proximity suit for use in aircraft rescue and firefighting operations. Date Cancelled: 09-30-2008
Cancelled By: 150/5210-14B
150/5320-6D AAS-100 Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation (Cancelled)

Provides guidance to the public for the design and evaluation of pavements at civil airports.

Date Cancelled: 09-30-2009
CHANGE 1 (01-30-1996)
Corrects errors in the graph for Figure 2-4, Effect of Subbase on Modulus of Subgrade Reaction, and changes a typographical error in paragraph 339b.
CHANGE 2 (06-03-2002)
Incorporates recent changes and corrections.
CHANGE 3 (04-30-2004)
Incorporates recent changes and corrections. This AC cancels AC 150/5320-16, Airport Pavement Design for the Boeing 777 Airplane.
CHANGE 4 (06-23-2006)
Provides design guidance for paved airfield shoulders and rubblization of existing Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) pavements prior to asphalt overlay. Revises guidance on required design flexural strength for rigid pavement design.
20-130A AIR-130 Airworthiness Approval of Navigation or Flight Management Systems Integrating Multiple Navigation Sensors (Cancelled)

Establishes an acceptable means, but not the only means, of obtaining airworthiness approval of a multi-sensor navigation or flight management systems integrating data from multiple navigation sensors for use as a navigation system for oceanic and remote, domestic enroute, terminal, and non-precision instrument approach (except localizer, localizer directional aid (LDA) and simplified directional facility operations. This document does not address systems incorporating differential GPS capability.

Date Cancelled: 05-08-2012
25-7 ANM-110 Flight Test Guide for Certification of Transport Category Airplanes (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 03-31-1998 06-06-1995

476 - 500 of 771 results.

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