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Number Office Title Date
60-29 AFS-630 Renumbering of Airmen Training and Testing Publications Announces the renumbering of airman training and testing materials published by the Airman Testing Standards Branch, AFS-630, Oklahoma City, OK 02-01-1999
60-28A AFS-800 English Language Skill Standards Required by 14 CFR Parts 61,63, and 65

This advisory circular (AC) provides guidance for airman applicants, training organizations, designated examiners, and aviation safety inspectors (ASI) in determining English language skills currently required for airman certification as required by the Administrator under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) parts 61, 63, and 65.

60-25F AFS-630 Reference Materials and Subject Matter Knowledge Codes for Airman Knowledge Testing Appendixes 1 and 2 contain the latest list of reference materials and subject matter knowledge codes for airman knowledge testing. 06-08-2004
60-22 AFS-800 Aeronautical Decision Making Provides introductory material, background information, and reference material on aeronautical decision making. Provides a systematic approach to risk assessment and stress management in aviation, illustrates how personal attitudes can influence decision 12-13-1991
60-11C AFS-630 Test Aids and Materials that may be used by Airman Knowledge Testing Applicants Provides information concerning test aids and materials that may be used by applicants taking airman knowledge tests. 04-26-1999
60-6B AFS-820 Airplane Flight manuals (AFM), Approved Manual Materials, Markings, and Placards Airplanes Calls attention to the regulatory requirements relating to the subject and provides information to aid pilots to comply with these requirements. 09-25-1980
60-4A AFS-840 Pilot's Spatial Disorientation Acquaints pilots with the hazards of disorientation caused by loss of visual reference with the surface. 02-09-1983
7 results