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AD No. Title Issue Date Subject Effective Date Make/Model
2000-20-01 Turbomeca Arriel 1 Series Turboshaft Engines 9/21/2000 Rear Bearing Oil Return System 10/17/2000

Turbomeca S.A.

  • Arriel 1A, Arriel 1A1, Arriel 1A2, Arriel 1B, Arriel 1C, Arriel 1C1, Arriel 1C2, Arriel 1D, Arriel 1D1, Arriel 1K1, Arriel 1S ... See More
2000-19-07 Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A. (EMBRAER) Model EMB-120, EMB-120ER, and EMB-120RT Series Airplanes 9/14/2000 Direct Current (DC) Relay Box 10/31/2000

Embraer S.A.

  • EMB-120, EMB-120ER, EMB-120RT
2000-19-06 Airbus Model A330 and A340 Series Airplanes 9/13/2000 Drain Holes 10/5/2000


  • A330-202, A330-223, A330-301, A330-321, A330-322, A340-211, A340-212, A340-213, A340-311, A340-312, A340-313 ... See More
2000-17-52 Agusta S.p.A. Model A109E Helicopters 9/13/2000 Main Rotor Rotating Scissors Assembly 10/10/2000

Agusta S.p.A.

  • A109E
2000-19-05 [Correction] Airworthiness Directives; Boeing Model 737-100, -200, -200C, -300, -400, and -500 Series Airplanes 9/12/2000 Elevator Tab Push Rod 10/25/2000

Boeing Company, The

  • 737-100 Series, 737-200 Series, 737-200C Series, 737-300 Series, 737-400 Series, 737-500 Series
2000-19-01 [Correction] Airworthiness Directives; Bombardier Model CL-600-1A11 (CL-600) and CL-600-2A12 (CL-601) Series Airplanes 9/8/2000 Main Landing Gear 10/25/2000

Bombardier Inc.

  • CL-600-1A11 (CL-600), CL-600-2A12 (CL-601)
2000-19-04 Raytheon Aircraft Company Beech Models 1900C, 1900C (C-12J), and 1900D Airplanes 9/8/2000 Wing Fuel Quantity Wiring Harness 10/31/2000

Hawker Beechcraft Corporation

  • 1900C, 1900C (C-12J), 1900D
2000-18-13 Eurocopter Canada Ltd. Model BO 105 LS A-3 Helicopters 9/5/2000 Tension-Torsion (TT) Strap 10/19/2000

Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH

  • BO-105LS A-3
2000-18-14 Sikorsky Aircraft-manufactured Model CH-54A Helicopters 9/5/2000 Second Stage Lower Planetary Plate 10/19/2000

Siller Helicopters

  • CH-54A
2000-16-52 Eurocopter France Model AS350B3 Helicopters 9/5/2000 Fairing Heat Shield 9/29/2000

Airbus Helicopters

  • AS-350B3
2000-18-12 Polskie Zaklady Lotnicze Spolka zo.o. Models PZL M18, PZL M18A, and PZL M18B Airplanes 9/5/2000 Wing Attach Joints 9/27/2000

Polskie Zaklady Lotnieze Spolka zo.o

  • PZL M18, PZL M18A, PZL M18B
2000-18-10 Kaman Model K-1200 Helicopters 9/1/2000 Sprag Clutches 9/26/2000

Kaman Aerospace Corporation

  • K-1200
2000-18-08 MD Helicopters, Inc. Model MD-900 Helicopters 9/1/2000 Non-rotating Swashplate Assembly 10/19/2000

MD Helicopters, Inc.

  • MD900
2000-18-09 Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. Model 412, 412EP, and 412CF Helicopters 9/1/2000 Tailboom Attachment Cap Angle 9/28/2000

Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

  • 412, 412CF, 412EP
2000-18-05 Aerospatiale Model ATR42 and ATR72 Series Airplanes 8/31/2000 Anti-icing Advisory System 10/13/2000

ATR - GIE Avions de Transport RĂ©gional

  • ATR42-200, ATR42-300, ATR42-320, ATR42-500, ATR72-101, ATR72-102, ATR72-201, ATR72-202, ATR72-211, ATR72-212, ATR72-212A ... See More
2000-18-06 Allison Model AE 3007A, AE 3007A1/1, AE 3007A1/2, AE 3007A1/3, AE 3007A1, AE 3007A1P AE 3007A3 and AE 3007C Series Engines 8/31/2000 Digital Electronic Controls 9/22/2000

Rolls-Royce Corporation

  • AE 3007A, AE 3007A1, AE 3007A1/1, AE 3007A1/2, AE 3007A1/3, AE 3007A1P, AE 3007A3, AE 3007C
2000-18-03 Rolls-Royce models RB211-524D4-19, -524D4-B-19, -524D4-B-39, -524D4X-19, and 524D4X-B-19 Series Turbofan Engines 8/24/2000 Cold Stream Nozzle Assembly 9/22/2000

Rolls-Royce plc

  • RB211-524D4-19, RB211-524D4-B-19, RB211-524D4-B-39, RB211-524D4X-19, RB211-524D4X-B-19
2000-18-02 Raytheon Aircraft Company Models A65, A65-8200, 65-B80, 70, 95-A55, 95-B55, 95-C55, D55, E55, 56TC, A56TC, 58, 58P, 58TC, and 95-B55B (T42A) Airplanes 8/24/2000 Elevator Skin Assemblies 9/22/2000

Hawker Beechcraft Corporation

  • 56TC, 58, 58P, 58TC, 65-B80, 70, 95-A55, 95-B55, 95-B55B, 95-C55, A56TC ... See More
2000-17-11 Fairchild Aircraft, Inc., SA226 Series and SA227 Series Airplanes 8/23/2000 Main Landing Gear (MLG) Assemblies 9/22/2000

M7 Aerospace LLC

  • SA226-AT, SA226-T, SA226-T(B), SA226-TC, SA227-AC (C-26A), SA227-AT, SA227-TT
2000-17-09 Aerospatiale Model ATR42-200, -300, and -320 Series Airplanes 8/23/2000 Fatigue Cracking 10/11/2000

ATR - GIE Avions de Transport RĂ©gional

  • ATR42-200, ATR42-300, ATR42-320
2000-17-52 Agusta S.p.A. Model A109E Helicopters 8/23/2000 Main Rotor Rotating Scissors Assembly

Agusta S.p.A.

  • A109E
2000-17-08 Eurocopter Deutschland GMBH Model BO-105A, BO-105C, BO-105 C-2, BO-105 CB-2, BO-105 CB-4, BO-105S, BO-105 CS-2, BO-105 CBS-2, BO-105 CBS-4, and BO-105LS A-1 Helicopters 8/21/2000 Tension-Torsion (TT) Strap 10/2/2000

Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH

  • BO-105A, BO-105C, BO-105LS A-1, BO-105S
2000-17-06 Boeing Model 747 and 767 Series Airplanes 8/21/2000 Thrust Reversers 10/5/2000

Boeing Company, The

  • 747-100 Series, 747-100B SUD Series, 747-100B Series, 747-200B Series, 747-200C Series, 747-200F Series, 747-300 Series, 747-400 Series, 747-400D Series, 747-400F Series, 747SP Series ... See More
2000-17-03 Fokker Model F.28 Mark 0100 Series Airplanes 8/17/2000 Nose Landing Gear (NLG) Main Fitting 10/3/2000

Fokker Services B.V.

  • F.28 Mark 0100
2000-17-02 British Aerospace Model BAe 146 and Model Avro 146-RJ Series Airplanes 8/17/2000 Stringer Crown Fittings and Bolts at Ribs 10/3/2000

BAE Systems (Operations) Limited

  • Avro 146-RJ100A, Avro 146-RJ70A, Avro 146-RJ85A, BAe 146-100A, BAe 146-200A, BAe 146-300A

Showing 13,801–13,825 of 14,196 airworthiness directives.