Airplane Flying Handbook FAA-H-8083-3A -- Single PDF (PDF, 42.1 MB)
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Airplane Flying Handbook Errata Sheet (PDF)

  • Cover, Preface, and Table of Contents (PDF)
  • Chapters 1-3 (PDF)
    Contains Introduction to Flight Training; Ground Training; and Basic Flight Maneuvers
  • Chapters 4-6 (PDF)
    Contains Flight, Stalls, and Spins; Takeoffs & Departure Climbs; and Ground Reference Maneuvers
  • Chapters 7-9 (PDF)
    Contains Airport Traffic Patterns; Approaches & Landings; and Performance Maneuvers
  • Chapters 10-12 (PDF)
    Contains Night Operations, Transition & Complex Airplanes; and Transition to Multiengine Airplanes
  • Chapters 13-15 (PDF)
    Contains Transition to Tailwheel Airplanes; Transition to Turbopropeller Powered Airplanes; and Transition to Jet Powered Airplanes
  • Chapter 16, Glossary, and Index (PDF)
    Contains Emergency Procedures, Glossary; and Index