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Number Office Title Date
8000.93B AIR-520 Aircraft Certification Service - National Technical Training Plan 09-16-2011
6470.33B AJE-3 Control of Power and Space, and Environment Interfaces at En Route Air Traffic Control Facilities 09-02-2011
8260.32E AFS-420 U.S. Air Force Terminal Instrument Procedures Service 09-02-2011
8100.17 AFS-300 Field Approval Delegation Handbook 08-31-2011
JO 6140.5C AJW-175 Maintenance of the Maintenance Processor Subsystem (MPS)
Change: 4
JE 7231.5 AJE-E Safety Management System 08-10-2011
JO 1000.38A AJW-137 Technical Operations Services Safety Management System Internal Safety Assurance Program 07-27-2011
1240.12 AJG-0 ATO's Process for Selecting U.S. Members to Serve on ICAO Panels, Study Groups and Task Forces 07-25-2011
3800.5A AEA-10 Post-1956 Military Service Credit Deposits 07-18-2011
JO 1600.80 AJR-2 Air Traffic Organization Secure Communications Requirements 07-14-2011
JO 6180.10D AJW-1 Maintenance of the Weather Message Switching Center Replacement (WMSCR) System 07-06-2011
JO 1320.62 AJG-0 Air Traffic Organization Directives Management 06-30-2011
AC 1050.4B AMP-100 Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center Spill Prevention and Response Plan 06-24-2011
AL 4665.1F AAL-30 Regional Office Parking Regulations and Car Pool Program 06-17-2011
8110.115 AIR-110 Certification Project Initiation and Certification Project Notification 05-26-2011
JO 6810.3B AJW-143 Maintenance of FA-10235 Very-High-Frequency Omnidirectional Range Test (VOT) Facilities 05-24-2011
8520.2G AAM-400 Aviation Medical Examiner System 05-19-2011
Change: 3
IR 8100.16 AIR-200 Aircraft Certification Service Policy Statement, Policy Memorandum, and Deviation Memorandum Systems 05-13-2011
1220.2G AVP-1 FAA Procedures for Handling National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Recommendations 05-13-2011
JO 6650.6D AJW-143 Maintenance of Radio Control Equipment for Plant Facilities
Change: 2
JC 1030.6A AJW-C Safety Management System Implementation for Central Service Area Technical Operations 05-09-2011
JO 1110.104E AJW-0 Technical Operations Supervisor's Committee 05-06-2011
JO 7110.314 AJE-3 Required Navigation Performance Capability Control Procedures at Anchorage Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZAN) 05-03-2011
JO 6560.31A AJW-143 Maintenance of Runway Visual Range (RVR) Equipment Type FA-10268 and Type FA-19200
Change: 2
226 - 250 of 1205 results.
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