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Number Office Title Date
JO 6520.1 AJW-173 Interim Maintenance of Self Sustaining Outlets (SSO) Facilities, Services, and Equipment 06-29-2012
JO 6600.59 AJW-173 Air-to-Ground Communications Multicoupler Survey 04-30-2012
JO 6490.16 AJW-173 Maintenance of RCO Facilities Air-to-Ground Communication Equipment 03-30-2012
N JO 6140.25 AJW-17 Order JO 6140.17, Remote Monitoring and Logging System (RMLS) Maintenance Handbook 08-20-2013
JO 6882.27 AJW-14B GPS Flex Power Impact on WAAS 03-12-2014
JO 6882.26 AJW-14B Notice of Intent for Revision of Order JO 6882.2A, Maintenance of Wide Area Augmentation System 01-27-2014
JO 6882.25 AJW-14B WAAS Interim Maintenance Guidance for Adding AMR GEO (PRN 133) 10-25-2013
JO 6560.102 AJW-14A Interim Maintenance and Certification Requirements for the Wind Measuring Equipment (WME) 04-16-2012
JO 6330.92 AJW-148 ASDE-X SMR Antenna Inspection 08-20-2013
JO 6330.91 AJW-148 Interim Maintenance Procedures for IF Detector with Remote Interface (ASDE-X with SMR3) 03-26-2013
JO 6330.90 AJW-148 Interim Procedure for Power Supply/Modulator Setup on ASDE-X with SMR-3 01-02-2013
JO 6330.88 AJW-148 Interim Requirement for Microprocessor Battery Replacement 12-14-2012
JO 6330.86 AJW-148 Interim Procedures for Preventative Maintenance (PM) References 11-19-2012
JO 6330.87 AJW-148 Interim Procedures to Update Safety Logic Alert Check 11-19-2012
JO 6330.85 AJW-148 Safety Notice Interim Procedures for Checking ASDE-X SMR Antenna Ice Buildup Hazard 07-20-2012
JO 6330.84 AJW-148 Interim Maintenance Procedures for IF Detector.with Remote Interface (ASDE-X with SMR3) 07-18-2012
JO 6330.83 AJW-148 Interim Maintenance Procedures for IF Detector with Remote Interface (ASDE-3) 07-18-2012
JO 6330.82 AJW-148 Procedure to Clean the ASDE-3 EDL Monitor Filter Screen and Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Screen Face 05-02-2012
JO 6310.80 AJW-1471 ASR-11 Interim Guidance to TR Tube Suppression Values 02-13-2014
JO 6360.80 AJW-1471 Interim Maintenance Procedure for the Air Traffic Control Beacon Interrogator 6 Mode 4 (ATCBI-6M) System 02-13-2014
JO 6315.62 AJW-1442 Interim BCS Performance Checks for Order JO 6315.2C, Maintenance of TDWR Equipment 07-24-2013
JO 6315.61 AJW-1442 Interim Guidance for Waveguide Switch Error During Channel B Certification 05-31-2013
JO 6315.60 AJW-1442 SAFETY NOTICE -- Replacement of the TDWR Elevation Drive Gear Lub Canisters 03-04-2013
JO 6560.105 AJW-144 Calibration of Newer Ultrasonic Wind Sensors 06-17-2014
JO 6315.63 AJW-144 Procedure to Change the Data Array on the In Phase and Quadrature (I&Q) Recorder 08-09-2013
76 - 100 of 382 results.
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