"The task of a leader is to get his people from where they are
to where they have not been."
          --Henry A. Kissinger

The new FAA University offers courses for external customers on a fee-for-service basis to develop and expand the skills necessary to propel managers into high performance leadership roles.

Effective leadership is a key foundation to sustain a vibrant and committed workforce in organizations, both government and non-government. Building and maintaining strong leadership is a critical component in achieving business objectives in any organization. As such, to ensure our customers are developing and sustaining the high caliber of leaders that are critical to their future success, the FAA provides best-in-class leadership and managerial development.

FAA University provides a systematic approach to managerial level development that balances time with organizational needs and desired outcomes. The University provides developmental curricula designed to enhance the leadership abilities of managers attending these leadership courses.

The goal of the FAA University is to provide external customers with a high quality, best in class learning environment in which managers, senior leaders and others develop greater mastery of the skills needed as leaders to achieve operational and organizational goals.

In the future, the FAA plans to seek viable vendors with which to partner to perform the learning services contract. The FAA intends to post a solicitation to seek vendors capable of competing for the new contract and select a vendor for the training and delivery component of the FAA University.