What are Video Self-Study Courses?

In addition to the live Aviation Training Network (ATN) broadcasts, all broadcasts that are categorized as actual training courses are videotaped and closed-captioned, and copies of the videos as well as participant guides are available for self-study. The self-study video courses have been assigned course numbers in the 25800-25899 series. Note that not all briefings are made available on videotape.

How do non-AIR employees obtain the video self-study materials?

Government employees from Services other than Aircraft Certification, industry representatives, FAA Designees, and other interested parties can purchase copies of available videos and participant guides directly from Keybridge Technologies, Inc. To contact Keybridge by phone, you may call (405) 488-0800.

The videotapes contain the full broadcast presentation, including interaction between students and the presenter(s). These were edited only to remove the breaks and information unrelated to the presentation. The presenter is not a professional video instructor, but is instead a subject matter expert in his/her technical specialty. The presentations range from 1.5 to 8 hours, and are priced according to the length of the video and the number of pages of course materials. The course materials are also available on a CD ROM. It is important to view the video along with copies of the slides that are contained in the participant guide. The presentations vary in respect to technical detail, but in general, they are designed as familiarization and/or standardization training for FAA employees assigned to the Aircraft Certification Service.