The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has sponsored a Grant, Analysis of CRM Procedures in a Regional Air Carrier, conducted by a team including George Mason University and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from a regional airline, a major airline, and other research organizations. The Grant is in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of CRM procedures in a regional airline environment. Both the airline and the FAA are interested in determining whether the implementation of CRM procedures can improve overall crew performance. Under the Grant, the regional airline's key CRM principles were translated into procedures that have been implemented through ACRM training. The regional airline involved in this Grant was authorized to develop an innovative approach to crew training and assessment under the Advanced Qualification Program (AQP).

The results of this Grant have significant ramifications for flight crew training, specifically in the area of integrated CRM and technical skill training. The airlines have not had the capability to perform detailed assessments of CRM skill training, nor have they had the ability to assess different forms of CRM training. The results of this Grant provide guidelines for the training of CRM procedures (see Appendix A for a complete list of the guidelines) as well as a framework for the assessment of skill-based crew performance. With this capability to train and assess CRM performance, airlines can become proactive and improve training based on the assessment data rather than having to rely exclusively on accident and incident information.