All pilots must complete ILS/PRM Approach Training before accepting a clearance for a simultaneous close parallel ILS/PRM or LDA/PRM approach. For operations under Part 121, 129 and 135, pilots must comply with FAA approved company training. For operations under Part 91, pilots must be familiar and comply with the information as provided in the Aeronautical Informational Manual or as provided in this PRM training page.

Pilots enroute to a PRM airport as an alternate, unable to reach their filed destination, and who are not qualified to participate in ILS/PRM or LDA/PRM approaches must advise ATC as soon as practical that they are unable to participate. Aircraft that experience in-flight equipment or operational problems, and are thereby unexpectedly unable to accept a PRM approach clearance, will be afforded appropriate arrival services as operational conditions permit. In addition to the requirements stated above, if unable to conduct an LDA PRM approach for any reason, pilots shall notify the appropriate ARTCC at least 100 miles from the PRM destination Airport.