A key activity of the FAA is to develop regulations, policy, procedures, guidance material, and training requirements to support safe and efficient UAS operations in the NAS, while coordinating with relevant departments and agencies to address related key policy areas of concern such as privacy and national security. The FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, Public Law 112-95, mandated the creation and publication of a five-year Roadmap for this process.

This roadmap illustrates the significant undertaking it is to build the basis for the NAS to transition from UAS accommodation to UAS integration. Its purpose is to outline, within a broad timeline, the tasks and considerations needed to enable UAS integration into the NAS for the planning purposes of the broader UAS community. Read the first edition of this annual document (PDF).

Subsequent publications will incorporate lessons learned and related findings, which will further refine goals, metrics, and target dates.