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Air Traffic Control Optimum Training Solution (ATCOTS)

What is ATCOTS?

The Air Traffic Control Optimum Training Solution (ATCOTS) program was developed to find a solution to the training needs of Air Traffic Controller candidates and existing Certified Professional Controllers (CPCs). Several factors drove the establishment of the ATCOTS program, including the need to shorten and reduce the cost of the certification process and evolve the training program to prepare for impending technology changes throughout the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA plans on conducting an acquisition to award a performance based service contract to a vendor to provide qualified controller candidates to the FAA and design, develop, deliver, end evaluate air traffic controller technical training. By leveraging private sector resources, the FAA seeks to train controllers more efficiently and at a significantly reduced cost to the government.

Mission Statement

To develop and maintain the most highly skilled air traffic controller workforce in the world.

Vision Statement

To provide effective and innovative training in order to reduce the time to CPC at a lower cost to the FAA.

Program Goals

The graphic below illustrates the goals of the ATCOTS program.

Goals of the ATCOTS program.

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