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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the goal of ATCOTS?

The primary goal of the ATCOTS acquisition is to better leverage the resources of the private sector to create efficiencies in air traffic controller training, thus reducing costs to the FAA.

Question 2: How will vendor proposals be evaluated?

Vendors will be expected to prove their understanding and capability to meet the FAA’s stringent requirements through past experience and well considered documentation. Teams of subject matter experts in air traffic control and air traffic control training will spend significant time reviewing proposals, asking detailed questions, and viewing products wherever possible to enable an appropriate award decision.

Question 3: What will happen with the current training contracts ?

Current contracts will be maintained and extended as necessary to ensure continuity of operations for training at the Academy and facilities, until the transition to the future service provider.

Question 4: How does the FAA plan to handle the transition between current training and the new vendor?

Vendors must include a transition plan as part of their proposed solutions. An important part of the overall evaluation process will be determining the feasibility of each vendor’s transition plan.

Question 5: Will the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City remain the primary training site for air traffic controllers?

Vendors will propose the training solution they believe is optimal for the FAA; while they are encouraged to utilize existing FAA resources, they are not mandated to use FAA facilities and equipment.

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