Are there any new regulations that require the carriers to revise their programs to meet the SAS requirements?

No. SAS is an oversight methodology used by FAA inspectors to conduct certification and surveillance of 14CFR Part 121, and Part 135 air carriers.

Can my carrier get access to this program or share this Data Base with the FAA and/or other carriers?

Yes, this Data Base will be available to Certificate Holders using the External Portal.  The external portal is a secured, user-friendly, Web-based system that allows the Principal Inspector/Certification Project Manager (PI/CPM) and the certificate holder or applicant to exchange information and populate the SAS automation. Application for certification will come through the Safety Assurance System (SAS) External Portal. The primary source of communication will be through the SAS External Portal.  

Major changes to the Data Collection Tools and system functionality are scheduled at various times throughout the year. Certificate holders can also access the SAS un-scoped DCTs from FSIMS on the FAA’s public web site.  Web based training on and access to the External Portal will be provided to certificate holders. You are also encouraged to contact your FAA Certificate Management Office for assistance.

How does my carrier become SAS compliant?

SAS is an oversight methodology for use by inspectors, not a set of standards or processes that an operator must comply with. To suggest that an operator must comply with this oversight process is to misconstrue the intent of the system. The term "compliance" as commonly used has referred to regulatory issues. Title 14 CFR Part 5 is a regulatory directive for a carrier to incorporate the underlying concepts of System Safety into their operations.  There is no regulatory directive to reference the SAS surveillance tools in any aspect of their operations. Air Carrier certification and surveillance is based on the regulations requirements and structures specifically outlined in 14 CFR Part 121 the Code of Federal Regulations.

If an SMS is not a required program right now, why should I have one?

Title 14 CFR Part 5 now requires certificate holders under Part 119 to have a Safety Management System that meets the requirements of Part 5 and is acceptable to the Administrator by March 9, 2018.

What computer program is the SAS Data Base?
The SAS Program uses a relational database that's made up of several data tables. SEQUEL Server 2008 is the software that is used to manage those tables. The SAS interface is created in MS Silverlight.