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CARES - Frequently Asked Questions

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What will CARES look like on day one?

On October 5, 2021, CARES will achieve Initial Operating Capability (IOC) as per the Congressional mandate. This will initially provide the ability for the public to electronically submit aircraft registry transactions using the Internet to include:

  • Registration application/registration renewal/deregistering civil aircraft;
  • Reserving N-Numbers;
  • Paying registration related fees;
  • Applying for Dealer Certificates, Block of N-Numbers for Manufacturers;
  • Submitting aircraft registration supporting documents for recording, accepting, or providing evidence for verification;
  • Searching for publicly available aircraft data;
  • Verification of US Citizenship as required by statute or regulation; and
  • Automatically “approving” pre-defined transactions (TBD), i.e., reserved N-number renewals, and for FAA to review registry transactions and provide a decision.

Additionally, CARES will include identity vetting, document validity assurance measures and process improvements for both automated and paper processes. We are working with stakeholders to develop CARES requirements and will continue to work with stakeholders to improve services.

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Will CARES accept paper registration documents?

Yes. Initially, CARES will accommodate paper submissions but, since that is a manual process, paper submissions will take more time to complete.

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What kinds of changes can be expected with CARES?

In the future, issuance of all U.S. airmen certificates will occur through the CARES portal. CARES will also incorporate small unmanned aircraft registration under 14 CFR part 48, and will emphasize continuous improvement.

CARES also seeks to introduce technology such as mobile apps and chatbots to enhance the user experience.

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What are some of the identified stakeholder needs?

CARES is aware of the following needs and seeks to create solutions for the following:

  1. Remote access to Registry data.
  2. Ability for authorized representatives to perform specified, role-based registration services on behalf of aircraft owners.
  3. Ability to query Registry data that can be used on-demand, 24-7.
  4. Ability to build custom products.

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What are the expected stakeholder benefits of CARES?

  1. Registry data that can be used on-demand, 24-7.
  2. Enhanced service delivery through process improvement and automation for near real-time access to accurate information recorded and maintained at the U.S. Registry.
  3. Improved processes for aircraft owners/operators/pilots, cutting processing time from six to eight weeks to one week or less (with ultimately real-time processing).
  4. Reduce or eliminate mail, fax, or paper-driven service requests, processing, and information delivery through the utilization of technology.
  5. Automated processing to ensure conformance to existing mandates, regulations, and laws, storing and retrieving data, and flagging non-conforming data for review by appropriate parties.

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What is the process for validating companies and vetting that an individual is part of that company?

Individuals and companies working in CARES will need to be validated within the electronic CARES system. The links between an individual and the company for which the individual works will be electronically confirmed/vetted by both parties prior to being established in CARES.

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If there are several people in a company that file documents, what kind of access would they have to CARES?

After identity confirmation, verification, and validation, role-based access to and permissions for CARES will be granted.

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When will fees be updated and how will fees change?

The Registry will perform a cost analysis once CARES is operational for a period of time. However, before the FAA could change any fees, we anticipate we would have to undergo rulemaking.

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What kind of data quality checks will be in place to help prevent mistakes?

CARES will guide the user in completing tasks, which should minimize errors. Artificial intelligence (AI) and business process automation will provide verification by comparing similar data points from supporting documents and will flag anomalies for manual review. In most instances, there will be an opportunity to correct errant data entries. Data validation and fraud detection will be continuously improved within CARES.

For example, when someone is applying to register an aircraft, CARES will validate that the currently registered Owner Name matches the Seller Name on the submitted Bill of Sale/Evidence of Ownership document(s) and will validate that the Aircraft Manufacturer/Model/Serial numbers match as well.

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