FAA General Aviation Safety Outreach Initiative

The FAA General Aviation (GA) Safety Outreach Initiative is intended to increase the GA community's awareness of safety management practices that could elevate their overall safety performance. It specifically involves 14 CFR parts 61, 65, 91, 91k, 101, 103, 105, 107, 125, 133, 135, 137, 141, 142, 145, and 147. 

The primary goals of the FAA GA Safety Outreach Initiative include:

  • Increase the GA community’s awareness of the Safety Attributes and the benefits of applying them
  • Increase Air Operators' and Air Agencies' participation in the Safety Management System Voluntary Program (SMSVP)

Reaching these goals will result in a desired outcome of a lower accident and incident rate in the GA community.

Why should the GA community incorporate Safety Attributes or participate in the SMSVP?

The simple answer is applying the Safety Attributes and/or participating in the SMSVP can elevate safety performance leading to safer operations. Additional information about Safety Attributes and the SMSVP benefits is located on their individual pages. 

How does the FAA GA Safety Outreach Initiative work?

FAA leadership, management, inspectors, and members of the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) share information about safety management practices with the GA community through ongoing outreach performed during routine surveillance and interaction.

Safety outreach occurs in a variety of formats, from formal communication and messaging from FAA leadership to informal conversations that take place between an inspector and a GA Certificate Holder. Additional information and resources about safety management practices is also available on the Safety Attributes page and the SMSVP page.

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Additional information is located on the following pages:

For questions and support on:

  • Safety Attributes, contact your FAA Flight Standards District Office
  • SMSVP, contact the Federal Aviation Administration, Office of Safety Standards, SMS Program Office. If you are contacting the SMS Program Office, please include the 14 CFR part associated with the request or question and provide the company name and location (city/state), if applicable.