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Follow Procedure Training: The Buck Stops with Me

Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) and other industry personnel have the technical knowledge to safely perform their jobs, so why does failure to follow procedure (FFP) remain a leading cause in administrative actions? Reducing FFP events and improving an organization's safety culture require continuous effort and a shared commitment to creating a culture of procedure following and becoming safety champions. Workers at all levels must work together and be able to prompt one another to follow procedures at all times. We must all understand that when it comes to FFP, the Buck Stops With Me!

Follow Procedure Training

Select the file below to download the Follow Procedures Training to your computer for use within your company's learning management system. Once downloaded, unzip and extract files to a designated folder. Select the "Index" file to run the training. If you need help, please contact


Before-and-After Procedure Following Task Cards

Safety Culture improvement requires continuous effort and a shared commitment to creating a culture of procedure following; Before-and-After Procedure Following Task Cards are tools to help in that effort. These cards remind personnel of important steps to complete before, during, and after performing tasks. Cards are laminated and designed to hang from a lanyard. The FAA's Aerospace Human Factors Research Division has a small number of cards available for distribution; however, larger organizations may choose to print cards for their AMTs, Supervisors and Managers, and Procedure Writers.

Some companies may also elect to personalize the cards by replacing the FAA with their company logo. When ordering, please consider the number of cards you will need for each position prior to ordering. For example, your organization may have 100 AMTs, 10 Supervisor/Managers, and only 5 Procedure Writers. Select the links below to download the Before-and-After Procedure Following Task Cards to your computer.


Return on Investment (ROI) Calculators

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculators are easy to use, no-cost tools for the aviation maintenance industry that promotes the concept that safety improvements can be sound investments. It can be used to calculate the risk, cost, and benefit associated with fatigue and fatigue management in your organization.

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